Is Cereal Killer Café child friendly? (Brick Lane review)

You’ve all probably heard of Cereal Killer Café at some point and there are already a tonne of reviews from disgruntled customers so I thought I’d go in with a different approach and test how kid friendly the café is to save you wasting your time on a possibly sh*t day out.

Getting There

The address is 192a Brick Ln, London E1 6SA
By Train
Shoreditch High Street and Bethnal Green stations are both pretty close to the café.


Aside from the big step at the entrance the café is pretty accessible throughout, although you’d probably have to close your pram if you took it along with you as the walkway is pretty thin. There’s one huge loo so you’d be able to fit in it comfortably to assist your little’un if need be.

There’s no baby changing – hopefully that’s something that can be added in the future as there’s more than enough room. I didn’t see any highchairs but if you’re lucky enough to be sitting towards the back on the beds or sofa’s your little’un would be just as comfy on your lap/beside you. There are small souvenirs (such as cereals and cereal flavoured/scented novelties) available to purchase too.


Before going I did a quick Google search and I must say that a lot of people have had p*ss poor experiences when it comes to the service at Cereal Killer Café.

Honestly, my experience was the complete opposite! I visited during the cafes off-peak period and I must say the staff were friendly and really attentive and I couldn’t fault them. I also found that the waiting times were quite reasonable too (yes, they were only making cereal BUT you have to remember that there are other diners that are being catered too so it’s not going to be as quick as when you’re at home). 


As the name states they sell a variety of cereals, some of which I’d never heard of before. What intrigued me the most is their savoury menu – specifically the cornflake chicken (weird, eh!).

We had the Unicorn Poop cereal, the Cornflake chicken, the strawberry & white hot chocolate and a side of OJ, Cream Soda and pineapple Fanta.

The Unicorn Poop (usually £5.50) consists of glittery fruity rings & flakes with freeze dried marshmallows served with bubblegum milk. Wow. It had a kick to it and after one spoon I could instantly taste the sugar and feel the rush. My son absolutely loved it and I imagine most kids would because it kind of tasted like I’d dipped my tongue into the sugar bowl.

The stacked strawberry & white hot chocolate (usually £5.50) is a hot chocolate piles with cream, cereal and sauce. I LOVED THIS and my son didn’t really get a look in! The consistency was perfect (not too milky, not too sweet) and I could happily live on these. I just wish it was hot and not luke warm.

The Cornflake fried chicken (usually £6) is a crispy fried chicken with a seasoned cornflake crust served with buffalo dip. Without the dip the cornflake batter made the chicken taste really dry but with the dip it was actually quite nice. Would I order it again? Possibly, for the novelty of it but I’d much rather sink my teeth into the rest of the weird and wonderful menu. Did i mention that there's an entire vegan menu too?

Our Verdict

The atmosphere was lovely – the old skool music was a really nice touch and I found myself singing along to the majority of tunes blasting. The décor took me back to my childhood and I left feeling nostalgic (my fave touches being the TY Beanie board, the VHS cassettes and the Spice Girls wallpaper. Everything seemed really well thought out and executed. My son loved the place and we’ll definitely be going back again because how often do you get to eat a weird combination of cereals on a Power Rangers bed in a café while singing BEEN AROUND THE WORLD AND I-I-I I CANT FIND MY BABY! at the top of your lungs? The answer is yes, Cereal Killer Cafe is completely child friendly - just avoid during peak times. 

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