Ted’s Space Adventure – Greenwich Planetarium (review)

What is it?
A planetarium show for under 7s during the weekends and holidays from 11am. Join Ted the Teddy Bear on a journey throughout the Solar System, learning about the things we find there and how they affect us through interactivity, music and rhyme. You’re advised to arrive at least 10 mins before the show’s start time, as latecomers cannot be admitted.

Adults £8
Children £5.35 (under 4s are free)
You can book here

The venue also host a range of fun family-friendly events all of which you can find here

There are toilets and baby changing facilities dotted around all of the Greenwich museums and there is a cloakroom on the ground floor of the National Maritime Museum (about a 10 minute walk away. You'll find it next to the ticket desk in the Sammy Ofer wing) for coats, pushchairs and bags – for £1. There are also multiple cafés (serving sandwiches, salads, hot food, cakes and kids menus). You can find a full list of cafés here

Other exhibitions:
Entry to the National Maritime Museum, the Queen’s House and the Astronomy Centre at the Royal Observatory (about a ten minute walk away) is free but the Royal Observatory and Cutty Sark exhibitions come at an additional cost (you can find the prices here and the museum maps here )

Getting there
The Planetarium is part of the Royal Observatory, at the top of a hill with spectacular views across London. The address is Royal Observatory, Blackheath Ave, London SE10 8XJ

By Train/Underground
The closest train stations are Greenwich and Maze Hill.
Cutty Sark DLR is the closest underground station.

By Bus
The following bus routes stop close to the venue:
53, 54, 129, 177, 180, 188, 199, 202, 286, 380, 386 and N1

Our Verdict
I found that the website doesn’t give much away about the show, you can find the trailer here but not much else. We follow an astronaut teddy (Ted) into space with his flower companion and learn about the planets in an easy to digest way – complete with songs. Children are encouraged to shout out any questions that they may have at any time which was really nice – it was nice to not worry about how loud/excited your child gets and have to deal with disapproving looks like at the cinema. I even found myself chattering away to him as the show progressed about what was going on which allowed him to get more into what was going on.

The show wasn’t too long or too short – I lost track of time but once everybody was seated it was about 40mins. The best way to describe the experience is that it’s like watching a movie with the screen above your head in super comfy reclined chairs. Maybe steer clear if your child is afraid of the dark as there are a few moments when the lights go completely out and some kids got really panicked. My son loved guessing what planet we’d explore next (he always shouted the moon as that’s the only one he knows but it was nice to see him joining in even if he was wrong).

Consider their membership programme if you plan on returning to any of the museums or you have multiples on tow because it works out a hell of a lot cheaper (also, the staff mentioned that you’d be refunded the cost of your tickets on that day so it’d start immediately). As you go back up the floors make sure to go into the different rooms for mini exhibits and interactive activities and you can buy the Ted plush toy at the entrance (pictured below).

Its also handy to know that you’re not allowed to take photos/images once the show starts. Here’s a short video of our visit (some of the footage was taken in the other Greenwich Museums)

  • On hot days bring a lunch and head over to the common
  • The tickets say arrive 15 minutes early but I’d arrive about half an hour early so there’s time to take your little’un to the loo before you enter the planetarium as there is no readmittance and they don’t allow latecomers when the show has started (something to do with your eyes readjusting to the light)
  • If you’re bringing your ticket on your mobile device then screenshot/download them before you enter the planetarium as there’s no signal downstairs so you’ll either have to go back upstairs and outside of the venue to download them or line up and have them printed for you. You’ll also end up sitting in the less desired seats because everyone’ll end up ahead of you in the line
  • Sit at the back/middle for the best view!

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