Mini Athletics (review)

What is Mini Athletics?

Mini Athletics clubs are a fun yet structured way of promoting athleticism among 2 – 7 year olds.

There are three different sessions:

·       Didee Athletics – for 2 – 3.5 year olds. An introduction to athletic based movement that builds confidence and teaches instructions.

·       Little Athletics – for 3.5 – 5 year olds. Based on teamwork and competition.

·       Mini Athletics – for 5 – 7 year olds. Introducing athletics events through game based activities.

There are plenty of classes right across the UK, book yours here

Our Verdict

For the past few months I’ve been taking my son to Mini Athletics sessions and so far so good. He started off shy (as per usual) but soon found his feet and it’s been a joy to watch him run off and make little friendships amongst his peers.

Each week there’s a different theme where the children become characters (for instance horses and knights) and they have to complete missions as the sessions progress – like navigating around various obstacles (usually cones), moving them quickly from one place to another and defeating bad guys (throwing sponge stress balls at the coaches or into targets). With every session there’s always elements of running, jumping and throwing injected into them, the storylines are an added bonus that really keep the children invested in the purpose of the classes.

The coaches always demonstrate each activity before it has to be done and let parents/carers know when their involvement is necessary.

I’m surprised at how well he seems to listen to the coaches (although there are points where they take a while to explain what he has to do and he gets a bit lost but he soon finds his feet with a bit of help. Parents are encouraged to join in and be as involved as they like with the activities.

My highlight of the sessions are the big races at the end and my sons seems to love the warm-ups at the start of the class when the coaches get the children moving and stretching to wake up GoGo, the class mascot, so he doesn’t miss the class.

At the end of each session the kids each get rewarded with a sticker – which they collect one by one as the other kids applaud them which is a nice touch. There’s also the opportunity of collecting stamps too for different skills learned. When your reward books are full you child will receive a prize (to be honest I don’t know if it’s that likely that we’ll ever fill up all of them as there are so many – maybe this is something that can be revised in the future because it seems a bit unfair).

My only complaint would be that our venue didn’t have baby changing which was quite annoying when my little’un wasn’t potty trained. All parents were allowed to take videos/pictures as long as they didn’t catch the other kids faces in them which was nice as it meant that I could capture my sons progress week by week.

He has become more confident week by week and I hope he continues to develop on his listening skills and athleticism because he clearly enjoys the classes. You can find a video of the sessions here.


·    You can book a free taster session to see if your child actually likes the class

· Your child gets a free Mini Athletics vest when signing up for sessions The mascot 'Gogo' is also available to buy online.

·   You can book in sessions of 6 or 12 (just be aware of the cancellation policy if you’re unable to attend sessions) – the more sessions you book the cheaper it works out

·    When you book you receive a free Mini Athletics vest. You can find other merch including GoGo the mascot and hoodies on their site (although after one wash the fabric started to fluff)

·    Each venues facilities differ so be warned that not all classes will have accessible toilets and baby changing facilities

·     Arrive 10 minutes early and get your kid to use the loo as the classes don’t stop (only for 2 minute water breaks – so have a bottle of water handy)

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