Luna Kids Cinema

What is it?
Luna Kids Cinema is a family friendly outdoor cinema experience. Over the summer there will be a number of screenings up and down the UK in various venues.

Our experience
We were gifted tickets to Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse at Dulwich Park. The venue itself was very accessible (being that it was in the park) and had plenty of great facilities on site, including a children’s play area, cafĂ©, toilets and a boating area (you can find out more about that here). We arrived about 20 minutes early and although we ended up near the front of the queue, which continued to get longer and longer, it cleared very quickly (always a good sign!).

After settling down with our blanket I headed for the bar as I’d forgotten to pack popcorn (a small tub set us back £2.50 – I was pleasantly surprised that it didn’t have that old stale taste to it and was actually quite fresh) and a few packs of sweets. I loved that you’re allowed to bring in packed lunches (great for bigger families and fussy eaters! Especially if you have one of those thermal Tupperware pots to store hot food in – you’re sorted!).

The film started on time and the atmosphere was lovely. Unlike cinemas where you have to keep your family glued to their seats, kids were free to run around in the huge Luna Cinema enclosure (with adult supervision of course). I found that many children played towards the back of the venue while they were watching the film and it wasn’t a problem at all.

The day started off a bit chilly (so pack coats too) but as the film got going it warmed up and the lovely onsite security allowed me to pop out to the ice cream van (a few metres outside of the venue). Overall, it was a really relaxed and happy atmosphere and I’d happily go again (I think I actually prefer it to normal cinemas providing the weather keeps up again).

At a glance the venue seemed to have everything you could need. A bar to the front right that served various snacks (sweet and healthy options) and drinks (soft, juices, water and alcoholic beverages for adults). A shaded area towards the left where the bean bags and blow up pillows were kept (available for use at an additional cost). Bins dotted around everywhere, toilets to the mid left of the venue and the huge baby changing tent to the back right (complete with baby changing tables, mats and bins).

Various venues up and down the UK can be found here
For more info about the event (including tips) head here

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