We’ve had the buggy for about a month now and I have to say I wish I’d had it sooner. Before buying it, I couldn’t find any reviews online at all as it’s a brand-new model so I thought I’d chuck my own up. If you’re stuck between buying the BRITAX RÖMER HOLIDAY2 and the BRITAX RÖMER HOLIDAY then there a few upgrades you need to consider. Unlike its predecessor it has a foot rest and reclining chair (important for longer journeys and younger children).

What’s to love?
So, let’s start with what I love about the HOLIDAY2. It’s tall handle bars make it perfect for the taller parent. At 5’9 I find that a lot of buggy’s have me hunching over like a hump back but this one is comfortable to push around. It’s extremely light and compact. The Britax Roemer ‘Holiday’ range is advertised as the perfect pram on the go and it really is. It weighs just 5.4kg and folds small enough to fit into the tiniest of nooks. It also has a handy shoulder strap so you can throw it over your shoulder when it’s not in use.

Although you have to use both hands to close the pram it’s easy enough (you just press the button at the back of the pram, grasp and pull both of the levers on the handle bars, pictured below, then push the pram to fold it up) and even stands on its wheels – no more having to lay the material on the dirty ground again! The basket space is quite big which will make sense when you get on to what I dislike about the buggy.

Other features include a variety of colours, swivel/lock wheels, UPF 50+ sun visor and an adjustable 5-point harness.

What could be better…?
Although it is pretty sturdy, it feels flimsy as if its going to fall apart at any moment (I don’t think it will, but when it’s something that’s supposed to carry your little one safely from A to B it’s not inspiring). I put it down to the suspension. Like most parents I’m guilty of hanging things off of the handle bars but I wouldn’t chance it with this model. I mentioned the ample basket space earlier on and this is probably why...

It’s not really built for tall children. I find my LO's head sits higher than it should (in the gap between the sunshade and backrest (therefore he tends to fall asleep at an angle) and if it wasn’t for the footrest his feet would scrape along the floor (he’s almost 110cms tall, basically the size of a 4-5yo). Another issue is that the heavier your LO is the more likely the pram is to tip over. I found that this mainly happened on the bus when it swung round corners, usually when the seat was in the reclined position. It didn’t actually fall over as I was always there behind it but one wrong move and I think it would have been game over.

The rain cover is sold separately which is really bizarre. I know it’s a holiday buggy but for those of us that plan of using the buggy on outings in the unpredictable English weather then we have to shell out an additional £18.

This issue may just be specific to my individual buggy but I’ve found that when I try to close it via the two-handed locking system the right lever often jams and takes a few tries.

When the box was first delivered to my house it was so small that i half expected to have to build the pram from scratch but it was simple to assemble - just click the wheels on, adjust the straps and you're ready to go. I kept the wheels on swivel mode because it's easier to bob and weave through busy London streets but it takes seconds to click them into the lock position if i ever change my mind. Up to about 8 months my son had the Bugaboo Bee3, then onwards he had the Silvercross Reflex and as of about a month ago the Holiday2 and to be honest I needn’t have bothered with the others. Sure, there are a few flaws that I’ve listed above but they’re not enough to sway me from loving this pram.

Getting on and off of public transport is a breeze. It comfortably fits down the bus aisles and closes up quickly and ever so compactly during peak times (if you’ve ever had to close your buggy or wait for another 2/3 buses during rush hour you know the hassle). When I first started using the Holiday2 I was concerned with the braking system as the foot pedal doesn't take much to click it into the lock/unlock position (in comparison to the Silvercross Reflex that requires more of a heavier stomp/kick to lock and unlock the brakes) but it does the job.

At 3, my LO is old enough to want to walk everywhere but young enough to tire himself out fairly quickly so I’m finding that although I still have the Reflex, I catch myself reaching for the Holiday2 because it’s just way more convenient (I don’t drive btw and rely heavily on London’s public transport system). So far, we’ve ventured all around London, to our usual spots and even day tripped to Brighton with it.

For me, the pros outweigh the cons and it does what it says on the tin (well, box). Do I recommend the Holiday2? In a word, yes. It's not intended to replace your everyday buggy but for those with older kiddos like mine who are happy to walk around until they're tired its perfect. It's also great value in comparison to other lightweight strollers on the market (mine was £120 but I've seen it in retailers for £100). Hopefully for the next model they give it a sturdier feel, take into account that some children are big for their age and account for that (height and weight wise) and include the rain cover in the box.

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