Marvel Universe Live! (Review)

We booked our tickets via the O2 website but to find your nearest venue visit the Marvel Universe Live! website. The price of tickets depend on the venue and seating area you choose but they’re generally around the £25+ mark (ours were about £40 each).

On the Day
Parking will set you back a whopping £35 in car park 1 on the day (the official event car parking) – you can pre-book your parking here. and it seems to work out slightly cheaper. Car park 1 is about a 5-minute walk from the venue, with no shelter so keep that in mind if it’s raining. You do pass a Tesco en-route in case you fancy a small nibble on the way.

Once inside the 02 there are a wide selection of shops, cafes and restaurants as well as accessible toilet and baby changing facilities. You can take food and drink into the main area of the venue but not into the actual concert arena. Professional cameras are also not allowed in there either.

Let’s talk merchandise. Be prepared to spend some serious money! From what I can remember:

  • Giant 18in plush (like the Captain America one pictured) was £28
  • £4 for the marvel drink bottles, not including a drink which is about £3.50 depending on your choice of beverage (the yellow one pictured came with a free Spiderman mask – also pictured)
  • Light up guns (like the purple one pictured) £20 each
  • Limited edition programmes £15 (for the pair of booklets pictured)
You can find most of what the souvenir shop has to offer on the Marvel Universe Live! website.

Beat the queue by ordering merch via the O2 Concert Companion app and picking it up from the designated areas although the app isn’t easy to navigate and i couldnt work it out for the life of me…


Our Verdict
As expected, my boy loved it – why wouldn’t he? A show filled with all of his favourite superheroes fighting villains and performing stunts. Me? I was slightly underwhelmed if I’m honest. I can’t really explain it but it lacked the oomph I'd seen in the adverts. The explosions were great and all but for a Marvel show it just didn’t pack a punch. Some of the performers didn’t seem to be giving it their all (some of the moves were delayed and sloppy) and the background music just wasn’t loud enough to add to the action and thrill of the performance (maybe because the audience was more child based?). The tickets, beverages inside the venue and merchandise were all ridiculously expensive too.


  • Bring themed Marvel toys/props/costumes along with you to save you some dough and keep your kids from feeling left out.
  • Bring reusable bottles as some venues take your bottle caps because you’re not allowed them inside (weird policy, I know!). You can then pour your drinks into your own bottles and seal them up instead of having to worry about kicking them over.

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