Review: Raver Tots X Boxpark Croydon

What is raver tots?
Raver Tots is the UK's biggest family rave and festival brand. Essentially it's a party where your kids tag along and you get to listen to music that you actually like. Depending on the venue and theme there's also a variety of entertainment away from the dance floor including crafts tables, glitter or face painting, soft play, story sessions and entertainers.

Our Verdict
Last weekend we visited the Raver Tots X Boxpark garage special ft. DJ Pied Piper and MC DT. Having been to another one of the Raver Tots events previously we kind of knew what to expect as the parties generally follow the same structure (after all if it aint broke, don’t fix it!).

I actually didn’t have a clue what time to get there because it was advertised as starting at two different times – on the Boxpark Instagram it said 10.30 and the Raver Tots one at 10. We got there at about 10.15 and as we were walking the length of the queue it suddenly dawned on me that I should have arrived sooner because we were going to be outside a while. After about 15 minutes of queuing we made our way inside, headed straight for the toy stand and purchased a £5 light up pirate sword (pretty reasonably priced as I was expecting to pay £8+) and then on to the dance floor. The glitter face paint was £5 and my LO had that towards the end of the event.

Boxpark is a pretty spacious venue so even at the front there was still plenty of room and people weren’t packed like sardines and bumping into each other. Towards the back were the toilets, a mini soft play area for non-walkers, glitter face painting, the toy stand and the cosy Boxpark bar (with their own speaker system so you didn’t miss out on the vibe).

The hype (wo)man kept the energy alive by inviting the kids to get on stage and show off their moves. She also dotted through the crowd which was a nice touch as it allowed those in the middle to engage to without the need for them to push to the front to feel included in the action.

Occasionally you’d get hit in the head by one of the many giant balloons that were floating around and there was a continuous bubble machine on. Every so often the sparkle shooters and confetti cannon were let off and all of the kids got really excited by this. Oh, and the infamous giant parachute even made an appearance too (which my son loved!). It was an overall sensory treat.

Pied Piper and MC DT were amazing – as expected. What I didn’t expect was how child friendly the acts actually were. When MC DT came on, he didn’t usher the kids off of the stage, instead he shared the limelight and made the kids the centre of attention too (which surprised me because it wasn’t a huge stage). The entire set was energetic and every kid on that stage really enjoyed themselves. The dancer waving fabrics didn’t seem at all fazed by all of the company on stage either and seemed like she was having just as much fun as everyone else, singing happily along with each wave of her fabrics.

Will we be going again? Of course.

You can find your nearest Raver Tots event here

·       Check Groupon for discounts – that’s were we got our 20% off tickets

·       Bring cash because from what I’ve noticed the stall are usually cash only.

·       Bring snacks and drinks to keep the energy going.

·       Get there early as the queue was ridiculously long.

·       Keep an eye on your kids!!! – sounds simple enough but three people’s kids ended up giving them the slip. I must admit the organisers protocol was top notch: they brought the children to the front of the venue, switched off the music and made countless announcements until the kid’s carers were found.

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