Pumpkin Picking Patch Wimbledon (Review)

Our Verdict

Last year we went to our first ever pumpkin patch which was quite a way away. We made the mistake of going later in the week (as in the last day it was open) and all that was left were the useless battered pumpkins that nobody wanted (for good reason). This year we opted for something a lot closer – Pumpkin Picking Patch Wimbledon. It didn’t have a fun fair or tractor rides like the previous year but the venue did offer on site arts and crafts at a small fee. Having heard little about it and not really seeing anything about it on Instagram before we headed down, I was hesitant to visit but it wasn’t too far from our house so I gave it a go.

I’m glad I did! There were a vast variety of pumpkins in different colours, shapes and sizes and we were spoilt for choice. Although we didn’t get to try out any of the arts and crafts, we had a brilliant time searching for the perfect pumpkin. Well, I say that but pushing around a buggy and trying to pull a wheelbarrow filled lots of huge pumpkins (plus more because my little one was convinced that we were taking them all home) through mud wasn’t an easy task. We also happened to visit on a day with hardly any visitors – the perfect photo op. There were a handful of Instagram perfect backdrops too.

Pumpkin prices are set by the size of the pumpkin - you just pop them into these handy boxes before you pay to see how much it costs.

Obviously, the pumpkins more expensive than the ones you'd find in a supermarket but all in all it didn't work out that expensive - £4.50 for a mini and medium pumpkin and £2.50 for me to get in (my little one was free).

You can find more information here and videos from our day here

Its pretty easy to get to (for public transport take the 39 bus from Clapham Junction Station (30 minutes) or the 493 from Wimbledon station (10 minutes) – both to Woodspring Road, then it’s about a 5 minute walk) and there is also a car park on site.

Top Tips:
  • Wellies are essential
  • Try to avoid bringing prams they get caked in mud even if you leave them at the entrance plus its hard to push around a buggy and a wheelbarrow at once (trust me, I tried!)
  • Bring a few sturdy bags to carry your pumpkins home in. You can buy potato sacks on site but I think they were about £5 (and are you really ever going to use it again? Probably not)
  • If I remember correctly there was a food truck on site but you’d probably be better off bringing your own nibbles and refreshments

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