Upside Down House - Brighton (Review)

Things to know:
  • There’s no time limit but I’d obviously avoid it during peak times as the house itself isn’t that big. We spent about 20 minutes in there as it was basically empty but you'd have to wait around to get the perfect shot if it's busy.
  • Don’t worry if you haven’t got anyone to take your photos! There are friendly staff members on site to help you get the perfect shot (and it helps that they have a tonne of ideas). They're also pretty useful when it comes to positioning shorter kids that cant reach the higher up props.
  • There’s no cloakroom or buggy park (although there is an outside space opposite the ticket booth but this isn’t secure and offers no cover on rainy days) and like I said before it’s a little house so try not to carry too much in with you.
  • Listen to the staff’s tips before you enter (in regards to getting the perfect shot and their rules).
  • Change positions! Go for multiple poses in the photo areas so you have a wide selection to choose from.
  • It is not accessible in the slightest.
  • Be warned the floors are slanted and combined with the furniture being on the ceiling can cause motion sickness.

You may be able to find deals online. There’s one here on Wowcher

Here are some of our pics from the day: 

(The door was open in the next shot so I edited one in because you could see outside)

(I also quickly edited some clouds into the next shot for effect)

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