Dragon’s Quest Adventure Golf (Review)

Dragon’s Quest Adventure Golf is a family friendly, fully accessible 18-hole miniature golf course that has everything you’d expect from mini golf.

Under 4s – £3 (winter pass £15***)
Under 12s – £6 (winter pass £25***)
12 plus and adults – £8 (winter pass £45***)
*** Winter passes are valid from October 1st to February 29th

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Our Verdict

We enjoyed our day out but it started to get a bit chilly so we only spent an hour or so there (which was more than enough time because we were the only guests there).

I was disappointed that the hut closest to the golfing green was closed (although, it was understandable as there wasn’t enough customers) but I had a little peek in and it looks as though when it is opened it’s home to conveniently placed snacks and soft drinks.

Overall, it was a pleasant day out and I have no major complaints. The staff were lovely… Some of the course needs a good refresh – as we walked around, I noticed some of the astro turf was ripped, wooden paths were lifting (and cordoned off) and the dragon hidden in the cave by the waterfall was supposed to make a noise as we walked through but nothing happened… I’m guessing he was broken… Having said that it was a lovely little trip that was very reasonably priced (there weren’t any hidden fees to loan the clubs). The holes weren’t difficult which was fantastic for my cheating little rascal of a 3yo and they were all very varied so it didn’t feel as if we were putting 18 similar holes.

If you’re in the area and looking to spend some quality time with your family then go for it. Is it worth making a long trip just for the one attraction? Probably not but there are plenty of other things to do within a half an hour radius so you can always make a day out of it.

Top Tips

  • Avoid when its busy – there are only 18 holes so if you visit during peak times you’d probably have to wait around a little while to putt
  • Wrap up! – the entire miniature golf area is outside so keep the weather in mind when visiting
  • Pack a lunch – there are a few benches onsite and Ashburton Park is about ten minutes away so make a day of it. Central Croydon is also a short bus ride away to with an array of restaurants and entertainment (including soft play and a cinema)
  • Bring extra balls – we were only given one ball each which baffled me because one wrong move and you’ll lose them in the waterfall and have to run ahead a few holes to reclaim it from the 'rescue hole'

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