Halloween at the London Eye (Review)

I’ve never been on the London Eye before. I don’t like heights and I’ve always been scared of it malfunctioning or one of the pods falling off and being stuck inside plopping along the River Thames waiting to be rescued. Plus, in all honesty it a bit expensive, isn’t it? Especially if you opt for fast track and try to beat the ridiculously long queues. But I stumbled upon a gem of a bargain that I couldn’t pass up – two tickets on the London eye (one adult, one child) for £35 – that’s £17.50 each

What’s included in the ticket?
 Fast track entry (trust me, this alone is worth it for the price)
 One 30-minute rotation
 A Halloween themed storytelling experience
 4 miniature Hotel Chocolat treats (only the kids get these I’m afraid)

Our Verdict

When we arrived, we were directed to the VIP lounge to be checked in – it isn’t as fancy as it sounds. It was just a check in desk where a member of staff ticked our names off on a piece of paper, handed us one small paper bag of four miniature chocolates (which I was very disappointed about because we had two tickets) and told to wait at the side-lines until everybody checked in and the storyteller came to get us. There was nowhere to sit so my son and I stood there for about 20 minutes (as we were early) until the group was escorted to the London Eye by the storyteller.  

We were taken to the fast track queue which was a godsend because although it wasn’t one of the busiest days at the attraction the standard queue was looooong. We queued for no more than 10 minutes or so and had to go through safety checks (your typical bag checks and handheld body metal detectors. I also had to close the buggy at this point as they’re only allowed onto the pods if they’re closed (there’s the option of leaving it in the buggy park but it didn’t seem secure at all. There was the option of standing in front of a green screen for photos but we passed on that.

Storytelling session
The pod started its ascension and the stories begun. The basis of the storytelling session is that the storyteller tells four spooky London based urban legends, its then our job as the audience to work out which one of them the storyteller concocted himself.

I have to praise the storyteller because he was very engaging – he didn’t just stand at one end of the pod and recite the story; he used the full length of it flitting around parents and kids so even the ones at the back didn’t feel left out. He used props to get the children even more enthusiastic about the stories and was very comedic, even managing to get plenty of laughs out of the adults onboard. He never broke character and didn’t mess up his script once.

Half way through, when we reached the very top of our flight the storyteller took a short break to allow us all to take in the scenery and take our own photos (he was happy to be included in any), the stories then restarted.

When we neared the end of our time on the London Eye and the stories had finished, we were given an opportunity for ‘official’ London Eye photos (cameras were situated outside the pods and would snap photos similar to the end of a rollercoaster ride). We were given more than enough time to take our own photos so didn’t feel the need to stand at the designated photo zones for any. We were then invited to guess which one we didn’t believe was a real urban legend – my son got it right somehow, I didn’t.

When you exit the pod you’re able to buy additional extras in the gift shop including attraction souvenirs, attraction packages and photos from the green screen and/or during the end of your flight.

Overall, I found the experience to be lovely. Hats off to the storyteller and to whoever chose to hire him because he was amazing. It didn’t seem rushed and was all really well structured. We’ll definitely be attending similar events in the future!

Top Tips

  • Bring your own snacks and drinks
  • If you can, try and book it during sunset like we did because the scenery is beautiful

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