Spies in Disguise (Movie Review)

Running time: 101 mins
Release date: Boxing day

A few weeks ago we were gifted tickets to the multimedia screening of Spies in Disguise featuring a star filled cast including Will Smith (Fresh Prince of Bel Air), Tom Holland (Spiderman) and Karen Gillan (Jumanji). My little one spent the morning filling his face, getting temporary tattoos and having his face painted and getting his very own personalised spy ID complete with a caricature of him!

Our Verdict

The movie offers action packed thrills and I liked that it didn’t seem to slow down when the action sequences were not taking place so my LO didn’t get bored and loved it (apparently he wants to be a spy when he’s ‘old like Mummy’).

Aside from the film being hilarious (I wouldn’t expect anything else from a flick with Will Smith in it) it taught a few valuable life lessons along the way, which any good kids movie should. As Walter Beckett (Tom Holland) struggles to navigate his role as a tech guy with a unique perspective we see the relationship between him and Lance Sterling (Will Smith) grow as they face numerous obstacles that come to fruition over their completely different personalities. Walter is all for peace and love whereas Lance is the ‘lets go in all guns blazing’ kind of guy. In the end Walter learns that it’s his uniqueness that makes him special and Lance that he shouldn’t be quick to write people off so easily because they don’t share his ideologies – life lessons that are perfect for the climate we’re in at the moment.

Overall, I think the film is well worth a watch. It’s entertaining for the whole family and teaches the younger ones to be more accepting of those around them – you can’t go wrong really.

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