Longleat Safari Park (during social distancing)

Things to know before you go

  • You must book online before you go. Opening times and prices can be found here
  • Only the Safari Park is open. All of the attractions around Longleat house are currently closed due to COVID and Government guidelines. This may be subject to change in the future. You can also only currently visit the Safari Park if you have your own car as the Longleat Tour buses are not running.
  • You can find a map of the Safari here
  • Animals are unpredictable bare that in mind with your expectations. We were lucky enough to have monkeys jump on the car and lions and tigers come close to the car but the hyenas were less social.
  • You can drive around the safari as many times as you like until closing time. In total we went round the Safari once, had a toilet and picnic pit stop at African Village then went around two more times before we decided to leave.


Things to know when you’re there

  • Social distancing measures are still in place but they’re very easy to adhere to because if you choose to make use of the African Village (a pit stop for food, drinks, toilets and a gift shop) the open spaces are huge.
  • The CafĂ© at the African Village is open but only accept card payments. Phone signals are not the best at Longleat so if you’re like me and only transfer money to your main account as and when you need it then transfer it before you get there). There are also no seats on the site so bring along a picnic blanket.
  • The toilets are located in African Village. Go before you start the Safari because you’ll have to do the entirety of the Safari if you want to get back to them again. We brought a ‘pee tube’ for Amari as he’s no longer in nappies. There was a cleaner situated in there at all times, wiping down surfaces with antibac after each use.
  • The gift shop at the African village is open, with anti-bac at the entrance and a limited amount of people allowed in at a time.
  • Arrive early – I recommend when it opens because it was emptier and it started to get busier around midday. We also noticed that when there were more cars a lot of them decided to ignore the Safari system of ‘use the left lane for stopping and the right lane for bypassing’ and often stopped in the right lane for photos of the animals, blocking everybody else’s view.
  • While in the Safari, some areas allow you to open the window – watch out for signs as you’re entering each section. Keep your doors locked at all times. If you break any of the rules while in the Safari you may be asked to leave entirely.
  • Keepers drive around each section for the safety of the guests and animals. Beep your horn in the event of an emergency and a keeper will be with you promptly.
  • Enter Monkey Mayhem at your own risk! They may cause damage to your car (basically, they try to rip off anything that isn’t secured down and have claws that may scratch your car). There is a bypass lane that misses out Monkey Mayhem and still allows you to see the rest of the safari. If monkeys mount your car then you’re allowed to drive slowly with them aboard. Once again only beep in the event of an emergency.

Here are some of our pictures from the day... 

I was hesitant to book a trip here because all of the attractions around Longleat House were closed therefore I didn't know if the 2hr trip from London would be worth it (like i said the animals are unpredictable and there's a chance some may not even make an appearance. Plus we weren't aware that you could drive around multiple times) but none of us were disappointed. In fact, we can't wait for Longleat to open fully so we can make use of the entire attraction! 

You can find videos of our encounters by clicking the below links

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