The Beach Brent Cross (while socially distancing)

The Beach Brent Cross is a rides and amusement park complete with a gigantic sand pit and pool, situated next door to Brent Cross Shopping Centre. There are toilets and food and drink stalls on site

Open 12pm-9pm (weather dependent) until 27th September

Entry is £4pp

The amusement park only accepts tokens which can be purchased using various token booths dotted around – 10 tokens are £10, 20 are £20. Alternatively, you can buy them individually for £1.20.



Book in advanced and get £3pp entry and 25 tokens for £25. To book head here

Social Distancing

There are hand basins set up by the entrance/exit for you to wash your hands-on arrival and antibac stations dotted around the fun fair. Unfortunately, nobody seemed to be using them and other than ‘It’s a Small World’ which was damp when we got into it, I didn’t see any of the rides being cleaned. There was also a ‘left / right’ system in place to encourage social distancing but nobody took any notice at all. Luckily, it wasn’t too packed but I can imagine it’d be a real pain in the arse when busy.

Our verdict

Amari thoroughly enjoyed himself, as expected. The Beach had many of his fave fun fair rides so he was in heaven. I’m still not convinced. Yes, we were all entertained but in all honesty the place is a complete rip off. Amari is very tall for his age but still had to be accompanied by an adult for most of the rides – a full paying adult! This meant that essentially, we were paying about £6 per ride (and £9 for it’s a small world which was the biggest waste of money EVER!). For this reason, I’d say just go and visit your local fun fair or take a day trip to the beach because you’d probably end up getting more for your buck

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