Slime Planet Review - The Ultimate Slime Lovers Dream


I’m going to kick this off by saying I hate all things slime. Its gooey and sticks to my clothes, in my sons afro and onto every surface known to mankind. And it’s a right old pain to remove isn’t it? (Actually, if you go to the workshop, they’ll let you into a little secret about the magic ingredient that removes it). When I first heard of Slime Planet I just knew it was something my son would love. It also had the added bonus of me not having to actually fail at making it or clean it up after. Definitely a win win in my eyes.


You must book your slot ahead of time.

Workshops are £15.95 per child (over 3s) for the hour. They also cater to larger groups and host parties too. You can find all of the information about booking and contact details here

Arrive 15 minutes early to your slot, if you’re more than 15 minutes late you won’t be admitted.

Social Distancing

Slime Planet have made a few new changes to meet the Governments guidelines on social distancing – classes are smaller and more spaced out, you’re encouraged to stay seated in your groups and all adults must wear a face mask. The ‘giant slime’ is currently not being made at the end of their sessions.

Our Verdict

The location is pretty simple to find, nestled behind Loughborough Junction Railway Station and its pretty hard to miss. Once in, you’re transported into what can only be described as slime heaven (bear in mind I hate slime! I was actually excited by the décor). Everything was displayed and organised really well so that when it came to actually making the slime there wasn’t a big kerfuffle and long wait.

We were given a dab of hand sanitiser and handed an apron for little man and he was shown to his seat while we waited for everybody to arrive. There were two other larger groups of older children that were seated at their own tables and two other single children seated at the same table as my son and there was more than enough room to social distance so no complaints there. Plus, it wasn’t at all stuffy which made wearing a mask bearable and all of the adults were more than happy to keep their masks on for the duration of the workshop which was lovely.  

The workshops kicked off with a slideshow, starting with the rules and going on to a slime related quiz (with a few funny props) which actually taught me a few things. What I liked about the quiz was that the host was so lovely with Amari – he has this thing where he sees others raising their hands so he gets excited and does it too, not actually thinking about what he’s going to say when he’s picked. This happened a few times and he was never ignored; she still gave him a shot and when he didn’t know she never made him feel embarrassed. I wish I could remember her name because she managed to keep all of the kids engaged throughout with her wit and general jolliness. She never let the sessions vibe fall flat.

Then came the part we were all waiting for, slime making!! For this I was allowed to sit with Amari because he needed a bit of extra help at times. Dare I say it but I was actually glad that I was allowed to get stuck in too! At home, making slime is a nightmare because we’re just never able to get the consistency right so it was nice to have everything pre-measured out and two experts on board.

First came the glue, then the powder, then the paint colour, then the gelling agent (I tried to go for the official term but I have no idea, I was too stuck in the moment whipping up slime) and then we were given the option to add various things to the slime. I’m not going to ruin the surprise by detailing all of the options but as you can imagine Amari just wanted everything in it.

So, we’ve made the slime, and I can’t lie I’ve really enjoyed it (I’m on a naturally occurring ‘slime high’ if you will). But then it gets better… We get to make glow in the dark slime! Now I’m going to be completely honest with you – I’ve tried making glow in the dark slime multiple times before and I’ve failed spectacularly but when we (and when I say we it was mainly Amari, I just did the mixing when it needed an extra jouj) saw our masterpiece in the dark the excitement on Amari’s face just made my day and I no longer felt like a slime failure lol. Usually there’s a giant slime session with one humongous slime fills the room but to be honest I didn’t feel like we were missing out in the slightest. I even purchased one of their kits to take home (crazy, right?) from their gift shop but I genuinely did love it and they made it very fool proof. If you’re not able to make it to a session I’d recommend buying one of their slime kits online here (pictures below) because it’s basically the same stuff we used on the day and its waaaay better then the naff ones from the shop.

Oh, before I forget there’s a toilet (big enough for multiples if you need to squeeze in too and give a little hand) inside the venue too which you’re free to use at any time and won’t interfere with your slime making at all. Amari had to go for a quick loo break mid-slime mixing and when we came back, we didn’t feel rushed to catch up to everyone else at all. Amari was also the youngest but it was very easy for him to understand and join in.

As we neared the end of our session and our slime was smooshed into the jars provided it dawned on me that we’ve actually made quite a decent amount of slime to take home. Well worth the money. In one jar was a concoction of chocolate scented baby blue slime with glitter and balls. In the other a green glow in the dark bubblegum scented glitterball blob. Amari keeps telling everyone he went to Saturn/Jupiter (not sure where he got that from??) to make the best slime ever and has invited all of his young family members to come along with him (frankly, as long as I get to go too then I’m cool with it). Hopefully the giant slime makes a return because judging from the pictures on their insta it looks like a lot of fun.

I don’t have anything bad to say about it in all honesty. If I had to nit-pick maybe some background music would have been nice especially while we waited for other people to arrive at the start. But I mean that if I was really nit-picking. There’s absolutely nothing I can think of that I’d change… It was weirdly wonderful – from the setting to the fruition… 10/10. I loved it and more importantly Amari loved it.

They need to host a parents evening where mums could just meet up, relax and have a good chin wag with some good tunes in the background and call it ‘Wine & Slime’ or ‘Sip & Slime’ or something because I’d definitely go to that!

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