London Trick or Treating Hotspots

So, last year we trick or treated around North London – these are some of the places we found the best décor at:

  1. Ladbroke Grove
  2. Holland Park
  3. Notting Hill
  4. St Johns Wood

Things are very different this year due to COVID but here are a few tips from our experience last year:
  • Head there early – many of the houses ran out of candy by 6.30pm and it was around this time that it started to get ridiculously crowded (have you ever been to a festival and seen the crowds when it’s over? Its reminiscent of that. And the parents are just as bad as their kids when it comes to pushing and shoving). People were actually crowding around single houses for ages trying to get in!

  • Don’t bring a buggy unless you really have to – its so crowded in the popular areas that its virtually impossible to manoeuvre around people quickly and efficiently.

  • Scope out houses earlier in the day – I don’t want to sound like Harry and Marv (that was a Home Alone reference) but it really is so much smother if you map out where you want to go beforehand.

  • Get the little ones to nap before you go so they’re less likely to become groggy.

  • Bring snacks and drinks.

  • Keep the little ones entertained with glow sticks and light up toys (you can usually find them cheap on eBay and Amazon).

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