Spooky Shipwreck Afternoon Tea Shopping List

Over the weekend we had a little Halloween themed treat. A Spooky Shipwreck Afternoon Tea. I’ve had a bunch of messages asking about where I purchased our props so I thought I’d put together a little post for you guys!

Jesters, Croydon

-        Severed Arm £6 approx.

-        Severed Skull £5 approx.

Unfortunately. Jesters don’t have an online store but you can find them at 147-149 Brighton Road, South Croydon, CR2 6EH


John Lewis

-        E-Z Build Haunted House £14

I loved the E-Z haunted house. The pack comes with more than enough sweets to cover the biscuit house in. The icing was super slippery and took way too long to set so the roof kept sliding off. I recommend buying piped icing that dries quickly to make assembly a lot more stress free.


Flying Tiger Copenhagen

-        Glass skull decanter £1

- Popping candy chocolate eyeballs £2

-        Halloween sweets £1

Flying Tiger Copenhagen is great for those cheap and cheerful random bits and bobs, especially for Halloween.



-        Spiders £1

-        Glass light up skull £1

-        Eye of the newt bottle £2

-        Snake skeleton

Poundland had one of the largest and best value for money Halloween isles I’ve seen thus far which had everything from costumes, décor and lighting. If you’re looking to get everything in one go then Poundland is that spot.



- Cake Décor gold food spray £3.25

-        Cake toppers

-        Giant skull treat bucket £5

- Mr. Kipling 6 formula 86 chocolate tarts

I’m loving the Asda Halloween range this year which included some very detailed pieces (and the skeleton of a dog!). If you’re looking for better quality items and don’t mind spending a bit more then head to Asda.



-        Severed fingers £3

When I was getting our Halloween bits and bobs together the M&S Halloween range hadn’t fully launched yet. Have a peek on Ocado where you can add them to your weekly shop delivery.



-        Bloody stickers £2.20 

-        Trick or treat sign £3.16

-        Spider sandwich cutter £3.50   

-   Chop Shop packaged severed hand £3.79

-        Green food spray £6

-        Pirate ship cake stand £11.99

-        Cockroaches £1.78

-        Zombie pirate costume £12.99 

You can find just about anything and everything on eBay and this is where you’ll find the more unique items that you won’t find on the high street. Just remember to keep an eye on the delivery estimates.


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